Abingdon, VA Airbnb

Historic 4 bedroom

Historic 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath in the heart of Abingdon, VA. This furnished home is located directly on the main street of Abingdon, VA three doors down from the Barter Theatre. Once a station for the American Red Cross during the Civil War and served great purpose during that era by housing nurses dedicated to mending their broken soldiers. Still to follow, the property was converted into a private elementary school at the turn of the century.

You will have 4 bedrooms with 1.5 bathrooms, along with a comfortable living room (wi-fi & tv), dining room, full kitchen and small breakfast cafe table. Parking is available on the main street. Please note there is a tenant who resides in the basement apartment. This tenant will not access the house as the apartment entrance is separate. There is also a lock on both sides of the basement door for safety and privacy purposes.

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