All-Inclusive Provisions

Provisions Provided

Based out of Bristol, Tn River Run Angling prides itself in the gear utilized for its Fly-Fishing and conventional trips down the South Holston and Watauga rivers located near Bristol, Tn.

The gear selection has been comprised of our guides with a combined 20 plus years of fishing experience. We facilitate everything you need to ensure your trip is not only successful in catching fish but also in comfortability. Your job is to fish, form memories, relax, learn, and ask questions. We love to teach! Keep in mind, if there is anything we do not list that you feel is necessary please let us know. As a reminder, if you require specific dietary needs or medication, please make us aware. The snacks and lunches provided are always subject to change at your request along with a pick-up location if you are unable to meet us.

The boat

A custom guide boat, the Eddie 360 series, is custom built by Klackacraft and offers everything you need to fish in comfort. The open floor design and width offer a stable platform for all to fish out of. There is ample storage for any extra gear you may bring. One recommended item is rain gear as Bristol and Johnson City, Tn does contend with rain showers from time to time. Our guides will make you aware of the weather conditions for your trip.


A variety of rods and tackle are used to complete our trips. Our guides match the rods and tackle to each trip specifically for drifting in the boat or wading the South Holston and Watauga Rivers.

  • Douglas
  • G. Loomis
  • Sage
  • Mauser
  • Temple fork

Outerwear (For Wading)


  • Simms Waders
  • Simms felt-soled boots


  • Flies/Floatant
  • Forceps
  • Leaders/Tippet
  • Strike indicators.
  • Lures

Items of Recommendation

  • Your favorite polarized glasses
  • Comfortable Earth toned Clothing
  • Hat
  • Rain gear
  • Any Dietary needs or medications. Please make us aware. (Your safety is always our priority)
  • Musical playlist for your pleasure if you like.
  • Tennessee Fishing License


All of our Bristol and Johnson City guides will provide snacks for half-day trips and lunch for full-day trips. Although we would love to eat the brown and rainbow trout on the side of the river, Typically, it is a select choice of deli sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit cups, crackers with cheese, and drinks. The drinks provided will always be Gatorade, coke products, and water. If you have specific drinks you want, please request them. You are welcome to bring any drinks or food you like. There will be cold storage for them.